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olivier messas

''Being a nomadic spirit... that is! My point of view about life.''

What is an artist ? Which are the characteristics capable to define an artist?

Cézanne said ''Art is the revelation of an outstanding sensibility''. Observing Olivier Messas's paintings we are fascinated from the colors and the compositions that characterize him. Going back to his personal history we can hope to conceive the mystery at the base of his peculiar universe, which recalls sensual and spiritual sensations.

Olivier Messas is born on the 22nd of january year 1977, in Ho-Chi-Minh-Town, Vietnam. At the age of two years old, he moves in France with his family. They arrive in Marseille but they decide to settle in Lyon, where he'll grow up. He's the older of five children. His father works as a painter, so Olivier starts to dream about following his path and become an artist. This is, without any doubt, a little preview of his upcoming destiny. Arriving in a country in which they neither speak the national language nor know the particular cultural codes yet, his parents strongly desire the family to integrate, without making their pie in the sky. Fortunately, they find themselves well surrounded and helped on their path. His parents want to give as much as they can to their children and, what they desire the most, is to offer them all the means to fulfill themselves. Olivier process of growing is strongly influenced by his family values, cultural mixture, willpower, the fact of being open minded, respecting himself and others, the values of solidarity, spirituality. At the same time he's taught to respect both his cultural roots: buddhism and french culture, thanks to his french grandparents who lived in Vosgesm and with whom he'll be very close. Thanks to this cultural mixture, Olivier will bring along his life's equilibrium and energies. During his adolescence he'll try to distance himself from the strictness of his education. In asiatic cultures, parents are very present and because of this Olivier develops a strong sense of independence towards them. He has to face some familiar responsibilities, so he raises as a ship's captain while taking care of his brothers and sisters. He graduates in accountancy to have a degree and find an employ. In doing this, he realizes that it isn't what he wanted to do with his life: he aspires to something else, something settled in his soul since a long time. It's time for Olivier to start his own path, ''to become what he is'', to quote Nietzsche's phrase.  He leaves the family's nest and discovers the other side of life. His soul and his vision of his own life start changing little by little. His character and personality maturate to finally reach his own and individual shapes: they appear more colored, more disturbed and extrovert... He returns to his studies to try to enter the fashion world and style, surely inspired from his past as dress maker. In the three following years he lives between madness and creativity, forming definitively his artistic personality. Once he has moved to Paris he develops his own style and discipline, aiming to express at best the richness of his origins and of his dreams about colors, shapes and patterns... he takes part to the launch of a ready-to-wear brand on world market. Paris lifestyle gives him the possibility to discover a new universe which will change once again his world's and society's perception. It's also towards several trips and meetings with different cultures and personalities that he'll find a new balance between a certain sort of spirituality and a proper pragmatism.

He develops more and more his own painting taste, refining his style: he proposes colors which seem alive, kind of a natural inspiration given by clear and distinct lines on a big format. His painting is the image of what he is in his life: optimist, joyful, structured, unpredictable and generous at the same time. These are somehow the keys to interpret Olivier's painting, now you have to plunge in his canvas as if you were diving in Mékong at the sunset, in that magic moment in which art meets nature and it isn't necessary to ask ourselves questions.  Today Oliver lives in Karlsruhe, Germany.

My paintings translate my emotions and feelings into colors and shapes, towards a condition of well being that I interpret as both salvation and regeneration. An abstract painting talks to me and in abstraction I naturally feel in full bloom. My artistic approach consists in working on abstraction searching for some kind of balance in it, trying to create an ambient, some impressions and intuitions where only the composition, matters and equilibrium are the connaction directly addressed to the spectator. Painting is my way to get away from myself, to free my imagination, my imaginary and my urges of creation and evasion, in a world to which I don't feel to belong and at the same time in a world where all these differences attract me uncontrollably.

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