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Francine Scrignac

Passionate about the Abstract Expressionism of the 40s and 50s, I like to refer to the phrase of Franz Kline: "... a person who wants to explore painting naturally wonders: how to be as expressive as possible in my work? Then the forms develop. It reflects the direction of my expression. It is decisive to desacralize the aestheticism to let slip to the most intimate. Painting is self-sufficient ... Painting ... PAINTING ... P.E.I.N.D.R.E. Every day, for hours ... Passionately! My head remains empty of thoughts, it fills with colors, features, appearances, accidents ... On the canvas I choose to keep some, I delete others; shapes are accentuated, others subtly covered, become suggestions, shadows, riddles. I explore my own way sincerely and authentically. I do not wish to represent, transmit or explain ... It is not a question of "making beautiful" but of being moved, of creating without doubt an opportunity to exchange, to join, the pleasure of observing what we do not see ... By leaving to chance and spontaneity a part in the initiative of my work, like an automatic writing, I reveal much more than if I launched a mature, thoughtful creation. Proximity to nature, attention to the world, relationship to others, everything that awakens my feelings, influences my achievements. A single fear, without perceiving it, lower my guard, let me insidiously go to a pleasant facility; each painting must be a risk-taking, strong features, colors whose proximity is not expected; no sluggishness in the expression, of the will, of the decisions, perhaps of the errors to be sought... However, no apprehension in front of the white canvas: luxuriance, abundance and freedom like that without a complex child.

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