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"I wish my painting will stay alive !"

An artist as far as I was a child, I went between 7 and 9 years old at Laon’s Fine Arts School, before dropping my brushes for more than …45 years! For, with long studies and a well filled professional career, I could not keep practicing my child “dreams” unfortunately. For a few years, I have been devolving to my passion  at 100%, painting almost everyday, an almost vital need for creativity, that allows me to maintain my sensitivity which rhythms my work.

I start from the size of the canvas; this space at my disposal, I have to master it so as to make it tell something. I paint without calculations, without preparatory concept, meaning without a steady idea I have to realize absolutely; I have no strategy to achieve it, I simply express myself.

I paint almost everyday, when I feel the urge to make the canvas live, to express myself in the space given to me. If, during this work, something is challenging me on my canvas, a point, a curve, a touch, I prefer to stop, leave my canvas, so as to have an inner and intense reflection, to find back the conducting wire, the will to go on: this can take several days, or even weeks… I may take back my work several times because the most difficult is to stop a canvas, a touch more, and the canvas falls down, a touch less, it remains uncompleted. At a given moment, I feel the story is over, it is a matter of sensitivity, but in fact, all things remain unfinished, and it is for the best because as they say: “When you finish something, you kill it.” And I wish my painting will stay alive !

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