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Frédéric Boutet

Frédéric Boutet started working at a very young age in the region of Bordeaux, France, as a wine worker. He still works there, but is also a painter! He learnt how to paint by himself, and starts first to paint abstract art, looking for a total freedom. Today, he chooses to paint figurative art with his marines. He is inspired from his environment: the sea and his memories of his father…

Frédéric sees in nature the same duality that he wants to tell in his paintings, the same opposites between strength and softness, between calm and agitation.

Painting seems to be a prey where colors are fighting, are mixing all together, to finally give the consistence of the painting. Then, it is through this work on colors that the painter plays on the relationships of the opposites. Oppositions of colors, but also oppositions of the moves. The work on colors is the most important. Frédéric looks first for the contrast of colors, bright most of the time.

The meeting point of these tonalities then creates the subject of a dynamic work, most of the time from calm and serenity though. The front ground is more lively, animated with a great move that appeals our attention.

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