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pascale jacquemond-collet

Trained at the Ecole du Louvre and in various workshops (La Grande Chaumiere, Academy of Fine Arts of Villejuif, Lunain Workshop) Pascale Jacquemond-Collet paints and exhibits for 25 years. The painters who nourished his painting have in common the suggestive power of color, an informal but incarnated: Bonnard, Turner, Whistler, Odilon Redon, Rothko, Olivier Debré.

"I paint with oil, which I like the thickness, the material that is transformed, the knife preferably, to work on the flesh of the paint.My landscapes, my portraits are revealed over the months, years sometimes through successive sedimentations that are deposited on the canvas: often recompositions, from several canvases, "close-ups", the space that inspires me is that of the depth, the furrow, the underground. "

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