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pat moli

"Distancing herself from important works and subjects, Patmoli decides to focus on free women's figures, flexible and sensual but extremely modern characterized by long legs and pink hills, which are one of her hallmark."

Pat Moli has followed a five years art course at the Higher National School of Paris (Boulle School), graduating in interior architecture and design. After ten years of free lance experience in info graphic, she decides to return to her original interest and passion: painting. She opens her atelier ''Les Arts au Soleil'' (Arts exposed to the sun) in 2000, in the South of France, where she works and meets students from all backgrounds.

My process of growth starts from my stylist sketches and actually begins with the moment in which I've discovered Gaudi, who inspired my desire of freedom in lines and techniques. I've became a plastic-oriented artist who feels free to explore different matters and supports, but all my works have something in common, a theme of predilection: the modern woman, free, enterprising and uninhibited.

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