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"My painting is a colored travel through cities and geography, imaginary or real, abstract or figurative, both in the same time."

My name is Giàcomo and I was born in Vulcano, an island near to Sicily. There, I fell in love of nature: volcano, sun, sea. Now, I live in Paris, but I travel all the time to find inspiration, to find back light and colors, to fuel back passion.

Watch my painting like a film, movie with several entrances and different courses. At first, we all see. It seems abstract painting, mass, colors, lines. But, it’s enough to stay to look few seconds, for that eye is attracted by the more important thing that we can recognize like house, a crane, a piece of landscape, a flower… It’s not abstract. Starting from this thing, we can built a way, instinctively, guide by painting, built by our own imaginary. But those “entrances”, which attract eye, are multiples, so there are multiples courses. So, it’s your look which, at the mercy of light and mood, will meet a time movie. My painting is a happy and imaginary travel, made to two.

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