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n. maffre

"The “I” in colours."

Nicolas Maffre underwent a plastic artist training at l’Atelier Lettelier in Paris.

His childhood in Provence and his arrival in Paris are two significant facts of his artist’s life. These two landscapes, admittedly foreign to each other, and yet both of lights, are for him bouquets of images that explode at the end of his brushes. This is why, in his canvasses, one can feel an opposition between these two worlds, these two times, these two roots of his story. The first plastic works of Nicolas Maffre gave rise to this duality. His more recent works try to transcend the conflicting nature of the relationship, to discover all the complementary dimensions. Thus, the struggle between the architecture of nature lived in Provence and the architecture of man discovered in Paris finally causes a blurred picture.  So, Nicolas Maffre’s canvasses are external demonstrations of his life fragments which compose his inner “me”. They usually are monochromes, going from far-away blues to intense reds, through nostalgic greens. They want to evoke elements that go together, shapes that mix up, and colours that create themselves.

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