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nadia martina michelin

Cycling in painting

Born in 1981 in Argentina, Nadia Martina Michelin graduated from the School of Architecture and Urbanism of Buenos Aires. She is very interested in the fine arts and painting becomes a real passion. Since 2011 she lives in Italy and regularly exhibits in European galleries: Kunstsupermarkt (Berlin, Frankfurt, Sylt, Hamburg and Vienna) and Carré d'Artistes (Lisbon and Philadelphia). Michelin's painting is always emotionally oriented. Its elements are imagination, intuition and feelings. She is inspired by the reality to turn her into a fantastic new reality. She loves inner beauty and wants to transmit it in her paintings. The research is about plasticity, like a back and forth between drawing and painting. She uses acrylic, pencil or scratch, all together on the canvas. Her favorite subject is cyclists. They are the starting point for each painting to find its identity.

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