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''Dropping colors off the canvas and seeing them merge in fascinating scrolls, it's a pleasure of which I'll never get bored.''

Born in 1965, Isabelle Zyskind (alias Izys) is a self-taught artist. After more than fifteen years working in financial management, she decides to quit her job and dedicate fully to her passion, to her brushes and to her students, organizing sketch's lessons and stages in Paris, where she lives. She takes part to art hall's activities and collective expositions, as for example “111 des Arts”.

Izys loves to portrait bright or stormy atmospheres: within her paintings she evokes calmness and serenity, through urban subjects and landscapes. She practices passionately watercolors on paper. More recently she has developed her personal style, an original way to treat this challenging medium: Izys paints on previously coated canvas, in which she inserts a picture that she completes with painting, following her taste and her imagination.

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