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"Neither joy nor happiness have never been portrayed with a brush in such a sophisticated way: the author reveals herself on the canvas as an amusing and unhesitant woman, juvenile sometimes while always romantic."

I'm a graphic drawer, painter and illustrator from Barcelona. My pseudonym ''Matilda'' is inspired from the main character of Roald Dahl's story, a girl characterized by a naughty and brilliant temper. This is how I define my style, which is really close to comic strip's one: faces mixing up, ridiculous expressions, eyes with disproportionate eyelashes in a background made of details in which you might get lost, with vivacious colors and a thick black line to clearly define the contours. I'm very dynamic, curious and creative.

I've graduated in graphic arts and learnt to developed critical thinking; I believe that it's very important to concentrate one's attention and regard on details of creation. As an authentic artist. Since 2005 I've took part to both personal and collective expositions at a national level as well as an European one. I've also organized several drawing and painting ateliers, portrayed some children rooms, decorated stores. I've created my own merchandising brand and a personalized collection books for children. You can find my drawings on pins, on booklets, on t-shirts, postcards and as story's illustrations, on cups and covers and cases.. At the moment, I'm keep exposing my paintings and I've also worked on request, personalizing decorations for privates, stores, enterprises, etc…

Matilda's paintings are always audacious, uncomplicated and juvenile. They reflect her early ''underground'' years as a graffiti artist, then the introduction of warm colors and precise strokes has somehow sharpen this wide-awake rebellion. The perfectly calculated quantity of acrylics in every single line and the precision of the curvilinear shapes finally show her talent: a finesse that confirms her maturity in the development of a personal style, which won't let her unnoticed.

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