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Cécile Colombo

The works of Cécile Colombo are first of all paintings on paper mounted on canvas: charming bathers, dead nature with the accents of Provence, fish in arranged organizations, sketches of exotic-inspired journeys. The material, the suggestion, the wink, the detail that seems innocuous, and yet! Cécile Colombo offers us these delicious, magical moments thanks to her special technique that combines collages of papers and sometimes fabrics, pastel, ink, watercolor, acrylic ...

The bathers, "They are called Martine, Mireille, Yvonne, Nicole or Margot as the artist's grandmothers.

They wear one-piece swimsuits with very graphic prints, they look like they are wearing party cloths with their necklaces and hats. They are always pretty because the beach is a social theater even when one is well in flesh and one is over fifty. "(Margot Dimitrov blog the literary ball of the Sardines)

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