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bernadette broussal

"Express the city through its mass and its structure: interrogate a pictorial area, assert the movement and transform."

Self-taught, Bernadette Broussal proceeds between spontaneous expressions and techniques knowledge to make of her canvas an eloquent universe, urban landscapes appear of her collage. Sometimes harbor, sometimes somewhere, usually familiar, she tries hard to vibrate line and stain, to be well matched.

“My eye learns, when I’m painting, to determinate the topic meaning. My hand finds how to express abundance of city lines and figure of people, on the canvas. My mind interrogates my memory to know with which tool I’m having the best finish. In the end, feeling, about scan city, stays: colors describe the heat, smells, and noises. The lines vibration develop pace and peopling. On the fussy collage skin, I find my slogan line, the one which says: “once upon a time…” The line uncoils, holding on collage relief. My hand diverts, I keep silences, I don’t wipe drops, I keep going, discovering what collage bumps allow telling or not. The draw vibrate, material giving at outline, a necessary resistance to assert its direction or another. Lines hesitations are as honest as eyes hesitations on study topic and as understanding on item of discovery. To express multitude of details in a coherent mass, choose, organize the movement, and remember of topic coherence… to make my express the most eloquent and loyal at feeling that I feel face what to inspire me.

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