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"Her pleasure is to assemble by hand, varied elements in a build and melodious universe."

After to have finished a preparatory year for the art school competitive exam at Atelier Hourdé, I made design graphic studies at ESAT COM in Paris and I graduated in June in 2003. I have been illustrator and freelancer graphic designer for 2004. The painting has still accompanied me in my creative process but it’s only for 2007 that I have decided to devote myself to my author work whether it is in painting or illustration.

She has always looked for new techniques, Minasmoke vary activities: seam, jeweler’s, collage… The common trait between her several practices being probably the pleasure to assemble by hand, varied elements, to make them live together in a build and melodious space. Influenced by legends, tales and artists such as P.Klee, G.Dubuffet, M.Rothki, Y.Tanguy ou S.Delaunay but also photographers such as S.Moon or W.Klein. Minasmoke gets her inspiration in symbolist movement such Klimt or one of Britain illustrators of the end of 19e century. It’s thanks to multiple influences that she chooses her mediums: acrylic, papers collage, vegetables elements, gold leaf or embroidery, material as only creation topic. Her compositions mainly feminine and magical allow herself to build a graphic space where the different read levels allow to each person to live its own sensitive experience. Minasmoke speak of femininity in equilibrium with outside world, nature, probably with an idealized me.

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