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'' Articulate free figuration is a way to seize the moment''

Originally from Nancy, he lives in Montpellier since more or less ten years. He has grown in an alternative urban culture ambience, starting to rollerblade at the age of thirteen and discovering graffiti art in that same environment.

He lets out his color's desire on every kind of support, from canvas to skateboards, experimenting even metal's sculpture to release his creativity. In Guti's opinion, articulating free figuration appears as a way to seize the present moment. His instinctive creation is characterized by spray colors: his inspiration comes from New York's expressionist movement. The posca is the instrument he uses to underline and precise his necessity to experiment.

His paintings are characterized by dynamic movements, as the part of an universe which is always changing. In this perspective he proposes the explosion of his animalized graffiti imaginary: ''Zanitag'' is an animal metaphor, a colored portrait of the beast hidden in each person. In the minds of those who are capable to observe, Guti's works suggest and insinuate liberty of expression and imaginary gaps.

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