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Art should not be dedicated to only a few privileged !  Driven by her thirst for art an innovation, the founder of Art Up Déco has been moving towards that direction for more than 20years: to make art accessible for all, to debunk the buying of a contemporary artwork, to support creation, to find and promote today’s talents, and to create bonding. She invented an art gallery with a spirit of openness and accessibility, a place where hundreds of original artworks are displayed in self-service and offered at an affordable price (from 70€).

By proposing this innovative concept, with choice and quality, Art Up Deco reconciles the art market with the general public and support the contemporary creation by allowing many artists to exhibit their work to a large audience.

Art Up Déco, a team of art lovers who aims at :

  • Democratizing an inaccessible and opaque market ;
  • Supporting creation by allowing talented artists to create art and emotions ;
  • Sharing its passion for art and the artists by committing to total customer satisfaction.


Art Up Déco aims at finding and revealing new talents, by exposing a selection of more than 100 quality artists, thoroughly selected by a committee. With these artists with various backgrounds, Art Up Déco showcases an eclectic collection of artworks (paintings, photographs and sculptures) and fosters the discovery of a wide array of styles, techniques and trends. The creation of a long-term collaboration enables the follow-up of the artists’ work and to have a regular renewal of their production.

Finally, in order to make your choice simpler, the artists agreed to forget their rating so that their artworks are sold according to a price grid defined by Art Up: unique prices depending on the format.

Visit our website for our selection of artists, their biographies and their artworks.


Art Up Déco exhibits permanently in every gallery a large selection of affordable artworks :


Art Up Deco offers the opportunity to a hundred artists to exhibit their work permanently in two galleries in France (Paris and Lyon) and in one gallery in Japan. There are more than 1000 original artworks in each of our galleries, regularly renewed. Each visit is an opportunity to discover more.

Art Up Déco galleries are simple and informal. The artworks are showcased in self-service so that the clients are free to browse through the collection without any distance between them.  

Our teams are available and glad to share their passion. They take the time to explain the subtleties of each artist and to advise you to guarantee a total satisfaction.

An invitation to experience a unique moment of discoveries and emotions, in an art gallery who does not judge…

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