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marcos zrihen

I accidentally discovered painting at the age of 17. After visiting a Munch exhibition in Barcelona, I painted my first artwork. Ever since, I have been painting continually. Afterwards, I took a drawing course for 3 years at a Fine Arts Academy, but my training as a painter is mainly autodidact. I like experimentation a lot, and I am always seeking new styles, new languages.

This minimalist and ethnic collection, that was born after two travels to the desert, first to Sinaï in Egypt and then to the Australian desert, in Alice Springs, tells us about Man, men, nature, light, simplicity, silence, but also loneliness, anxiety, search, and above all FREEDOM: Man and his shade from a bird’s eye. Nomad tribes dancing, children playing, human groups always moving. Life and its dynamism. There you have a work on a canvas, that you could believe to be painted on wood, textured, with reliefs and subtle tons, sand, and even wind.

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