•   Art up déco Paris, Lyon
  •   +33 (0)1 46 28 80 23


As I began ten years ago with art brut, I followed different paths, towards abstraction, figurative art, urban art. In my luggage, I bring back all this life and put it down on the canvas.

I manipulate lyric and imaginary characters who appear or disappear according to moods. I use different media, pastels, charcoal, etc. It is an impulsive and spontaneous painting that does contrast and opposite colours effects. I want to give volume by the depth of abstraction, make the pigment saturation vibrate, master what is spilled, tame the splashes to bring a balance into chaos. Fish, face, organic matter, free-moving body. Let the reader’s imagination model shape these forms to build a scene where these imaginary characters can evolve.

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