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Art Box A55

"The painting as a support to think what is around us."

Under this appellation Art Box A55, many concepts have been developed, and one of them is the realisation of a serie of paintings. They testify a thinking about interactions between images and places. The evolution of the project has three steps. Now, there are two series that are not delimited by the time: S-1 (part 1). This first serie tries to think about the stakes of the painting in the place. It is based on a typology if space where the image has already « its place » - living room, hall, outside facade… How does the image get into these spaces? What extensions to establish between them? -S2 (part 2): the second serie is about crowded space by the movement, the migration of people. The crow dis a phenomenon linked with social behaviors, and redraw the space differently. People at the beach, demonstration, queue at the theater… What part has the image in these movements? What is left about the place?

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