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Cédric Marachian

"The paint, does not leave any room to arrogance."

Artist-painter born in 1973, self-taught, of expressionistic inspiration. 

Its marked and supple line, the remit of these subjects indicates the world of the graphic design and the comic, the domains in which he has practiced a time. These origins are also confirmed by the use of the pencil in the construction of its paintings, the strong impact of  e the white and the appeal to colourful and vague funds to highlight angular faces.
Color-blind, he seized over time a strong and penetrating color range.
The marked contrasts, the relevant relationships of masses, the original way to occupy the space becomes a constant, just like Egon Schiele.
Its curves filled with modesty arouse our desires and give him the nickname of "son of the aesthetics ".

He combines the depth of languid postures with a completed relief to express the tranquillity of a harmony.

He signs its first artworks under the pseudonym of Hamlet1888 before dropping the mask in 2012 and working under its real name. Then he begins the project "Roofs and I" who lead him through France and Europe in an artistic and initiatory journey, proposing a painting in exchange for a roof. He exhibited in London, Milan, Paris, Lyon or Stuttgart and he participates regularly in various collaborations in the domains of the music, the theater or the illustration.

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