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"The irony of today’s world, seen through a pop imagery."

I have been painting since the age of 14. I learnt how to paint by copying artworks by the masters of painting such as MATISSE, TOULOUSE-LAUTREC, VELASQUEZ, REMBRANDT, etc. Throughout the years I was awarded various prizes for my paintings, and I exhibited my work in Spanish private galleries, along with other artists or alone. I come from the world of graphic arts such as graphic design, illustration, and serigraphy, which are all the basis of my pictorial work.

My work starts with the influence of artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, R. Rauschenberg, Banksy, Sigmar, Polker, etc. My work aims at extracting the sarcasm in everyday’s life by using symbols from comic books , and American advertisement designs from the 50’s. Starting from a theme that I choose randomly, I combine icons that I highlight with colours. My intention is more sarcastic than political; what matters for me is to be ironical rather than critical. The effect of my visual compositions aims at creating chaos and confusion, by combining absurd images such as a corporate logo with a comic book illustration, thus causing a reaction of amusement to the viewer. The technique I use in my paintings consists of a strong base-layer of texture that imitates a wall, and then I paint on the canvas using acrylic paint.

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