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thierry rouxel

It has to be hot and everything has to talk, I've done some sad things when I was against wars, I'm still against wars, but I'm expressing it with humor.

I was fortunate to practice advertising in the press, magazines, national and international. It allowed me to discover all that I express in my painting. My career has taken me across countries and continents. Journalist, bulimic of meeting, I began to paint pretty small academic pictures that I send as we send postcards. That made me paint more and on larger formats. Working in Milan, I fell in love with Italy. The colors came with traveling. I use acrylic, pastels, crayons and sometimes wax. I like red, although I have blue periods, I'm looking for light to pierce white. In the works, there is love for painting, for art, for colors, for life in all its facets. My paintings are always related to everyday life events, with what surrounds me, what I hear, what I feel. The press is present in my paintings too, I do art with time, with moments taken from life.

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