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Anne Maillet

"I would like to delight the light of spring, watch for the explosion of greens, drown myself under the blues, feel under my fingers: the Tree."

Born in 1968, Anne Maillet is degreed in architecture from the school of Paris-Belleville. Very young, she starts to get interested in arts and goes to the Buttes Chaumont workshop in Paris. She acquires there knowledge in drawing, painting and history of arts. Since 1995, she does regularly some exhibitions in public places (Bock de Bohème, bar gallery in Paris), in shows (Salons des jeunes artistes and Zenith de Daragnes-Meier in Paris). But what if the blue of the sky had colored the trees and theirs leaves? If Anne’s painting represents some trees and their leaves on canvas where the framing and the angle of view have a great importance, it is also a great homage to the color of blue, to its variants and to its originality: “I like its infinity, its immateriality (..) the freedom that it evokes, the spatial immensity”. Thus, the artist creates landscapes where trees connects with the sky, where leaves become patterns that she repeats, giving the effect of a movement and of the wind to the spectator. “My painting describes a precise moment (…). It happens that an image is between two movements, the painting becomes blurred, the patterns doubles and reveal transparencies”. Indeed, Anne Maillet works with superposition of colors, using acrylic and sometimes pastels. This technique gives an effect of a large variety of nuances to the canvas, always under a blue dominance. The background is then as important as the patterns, both tied in a vegetal and colorful way. There is some fresh air and some sounds in her paintings if we open our ears well: “I imagine that I paint what I cannot say”.

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