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Cyril Réguerre

"Body painter, I express energy, movement, gesture by the vigor of line and strength of color."

Cyril Réguerre, born Sagittarius, comes from where Milky Way is the densest. His arrow crosses the space time, strengthens communion of energies as much as ones of reality. Actives values of beginning of running, of rise of movement which penetrate transparence, until a cathedral symphony. This painter and his lines of slow and keen light, switch on the enclosed space, fertilize it, and wake it, conquest on the void, wet of imaginary and lyricism.

He isn’t elitist; first, he looks for the aesthetic thanks to figurative and human speech where interpretation and secret have yet a role to play. He claims popular language where each one can live its feelings as you please subtly or highly sensitive, an art which affects the French, the American or the Andes Indian discovering painting for the first time. He wants himself hawker, tropics traveler, legible finger marks beyond borders, understandable for all culture, step of life, conquistador of movement, a geographic hyphen, arc of continents, loaded between sky and high-sea swell.

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