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franck mugnie

"When facing the canvas, the artist faces his own reflection trying to erase time, unable to control his frenetic actions. Luckily, chance makes sure that he finds himself with every accident."

Born in 1960, Franck Mugnie is a painter who dares to combine figuration and abstraction. In his paintings, he uses representation as a pretext to assemble colours, substance and composition, expressed with strength and speed. He has been attending many regional, national and international fairs for 25 years. He was awarded various prizes and has been conducting a painting workshop for 5 years. The formalism of his work can be seen in its intricate shapes and abstract materiality. Even though his work has been influenced by Nicolas de Staël in its physical materiality, it tends now to draw nearer to more colourful and formal allusions.  He attempts to reach an art of space and infinity through simple lines that embody in almost all of his work the boundary between the world of colours and the world of ideas.  The transparency of the pictorial sign must make way to the proliferation of paste and the density of matter. The layer becomes relief, the colour, the subject itself of the painting.

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