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erba mar

I began painting as soon as I was a child thanks to my grandmother. A professional life in the fashion environment in Paris, doubled by a second life, relegated it to the second plan? for years. It imposed back to me when I came back to my birthplace, Bretagne (Brittany). I have been painting for twenty years or so and more intensively for 10 years. I participated to many fairs and some of my canvasses have been  sold in Japan, United-States and Canada.

The painting gives me the freedom to express limitlessly. My canvasses are inspired by daily life, what I see, what I hear. So I try to restore this emotional energy that animates me on the canvas. This restitution can be very slow, as it can be very fast, or even dazzling in the gesture and the choice of colors. The emotion was born under the shape of different figures: sharp for angriness and revolt, softer and more rounded for quiet moments. In my studio, I am in my space, alone with myself, free to sing, to dance, to laugh or cry out of rage when the hand refuses to follow the head. Each canvas becomes a fragment of life as it still lets a free interpretation to the person watching. “Beautiful and barbaric”: a definition of life that painting allows me to express daily.

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