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Benoît Havard

Ever since he was a little boy, Benoit Havard (Sienne) has been learning to draw. It led him to go to Cherbourg’s Fine Arts School. There, he discovered painters that would become his masters: Lejeune, Valadié. There, he learnt the techniques that would become his favourite ways of expression: pastel and watercolour. And it is in his travels that Benoit Havard (Sienne) would find inspiration.  Fascinated by travels, Benoit Havard (Sienne) filled notebooks with drawings, pastels, watercolours, so as to print his sensations and convey them in the paintings he makes today.

All the magic of Benoit Havard (Sienne)’s canvasses is related to their soul: it can recreate a lived atmosphere with brushes and colours. What Benoit Havard (Sienne) gives us to see is the moment in its spontaneity: body moves, facial expressions, on which he came across in a Moroccan, Venetian or New-York life scene. That is why Benoit Havard (Sienne)’s gestures are dynamic: in a free and wide move of the brush, he finds back a sensation left by a so fugitive and yet so significant moment. He sets free transparency, like thickness, which gives a great richness to his paintings. In their compositions, Benoit Havard (Sienne)’s works show us men and women as well as faces and bodies that draw us back to the warmth of the sun and the clearness of the sky. His range of colours has warm and cold contrasts, with the ochre, the red, and the indigo blue. From a look at Benoit Havard (Sienne)’s paintings, one could almost hear the voices and music from all around the world; one could almost feel the smells and the hustle and bustle of these cities, these lands.

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