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richard tisserant

"I strive to reproduce an emotion, a feeling in a look."

Richard Tisserant was born in 1968 in Besancon, he live and work in Lyon. Graduated of DUMST (University Diploma of Trades Shows – Theater) in University of Besancon in 1991, he practiced his job of actor until 2008 in independent troupes, National Theaters and National Stages. He mainly worked on contemporary writing. In parallel, he trained storyline writing, construction of characters, study of behavior typology and Thérapie Brèves (systemic analyze). Today, painting and Therapy Art are his main activities.

He devotes himself, in self-taught, at the painting in operating his privacy items, his fingers, wood sticks, china ink, tea, chalk sticks, acrylic, oil, found and selects papers, close family bodies and also forgotten persons. “Like overview at all real or fantasy characters that I created or saw, I strive to reproduce an emotion, a feeling in a look. I try to give bump back to faces that we want smoother, a poesy of break and troubled lines where strangeness and disproportion show us an other beauty”. THE RED CLOTHES: acrylic and china ink. Characters are in china ink draw with wood stick. THE URBAN GUYS: acrylic. In the style of “Yamakazi”, those are string guys moving in the cities, they play with buildings. They were born of a sponge mistake… They are realized with a sponge and acrylic pencil.

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