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Catherine Le Roy

Visual artist born in Brest in 1977. I live in Fouesnant and work in my gallery workshop "In the hollow of the tree" in Quimper. My plastic experimentation work began during my applied arts studies at Quimper in 1995. My first achievements are cut-outs of automatic paintings. After a DEUG at the UBO of Quimper and a BA in Art History at Paris 1, a Master of Science and Technology in Conservation Restoration of Cultural Property, Section "sculptures", with mention very well, all crowns my university course. Nevertheless at the end of 2003 I choose to devote myself to my artistic projects. I experimented with color harmonies in search of a colored absolute. My lexical field is personal and timeless: fluo orange, quinacridone pink, phthalo blue, celadon green, white titanium, pure silver ... The colors are adjusted in a subtle asymmetrical balance. Sparkling, sophisticated, my painting combines vibrant colors, deep colors and the luminous intensities. The contrasts are strong and the material vibrating. Color is a vast subject of exploration. Physical, chemical, physiological, artistic, which approach best defines the concept of color? A visual perception? A emotional food? Color is light, a fundamental wave.

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