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Larbi Zaïdi

Self-taught painter, he lives and works in LAON in the Aisne. Attracted by painting, he devotes all his free moments to his art. Student in Art Therapy - René Descartes University in Paris V -, Larbi ZAÏDI has set up several pictorial expression workshops for children with disabilities. Selected to appear on the cd-rom "Artension Singuliers", this artist has participated in several group exhibitions. Among the most important are: an exhibition organized by the Psychiatric Hospital of Péronne as part of a symposium on art and madness, an exhibition at the Cirque d'Hiver and another at the Salon d'Automne de la Grande Motte . Since June 2007, the auction of one of his works under the hammer of Master Francis FAURE in the auction room of Rambouillet, allows him to be referenced Artprice.

"The spontaneous and singular dimension of Larbi ZAÏDI's painting brings us back to the dissent of our lives.When notations - sometimes indecipherable - mingle with the painting to express the feeling, we begin to dream about the drawings of childhood. But the well-dressed characters who assert themselves under the black line, reflect a difficulty of being that has nothing of a recreation.The painting of Larbi ZAÏDI is in fact a "re-creation", that of a Latent world that moves, Kandinsky wrote: "The artist who in his life is like children, can reach the internal harmony of things more easily than others." This is a feeling that applies in every respect to Larbi ZAÏDI."

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