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Djamel Mahious

"I never know the final result of a painting! I trust my instinct, my chaotic desire, my reptile and visceral sides. I give myself to the canvas, and it give it back to me… Everything is about exchange and respect."

Djamel Mahious was born in Chambéry, France, where he lives and works nowadays. Inspired by the abstract expressionism, he learnt to paint by himself. He lived and worked in Paris for ten years, where he performed his knowledge, his techniques and where he could learn more through many museums and art galleries. He paints generous and colorful paintings, giving us many feelings. His work makes us think, but never makes us feel indifferent. He creates through a mix of materials. He uses a lot of plaster, mortar, paper… He first works with these materials on the canvas, and then paints. This process is very long. His energy, at the origin of each painting, contributes to the birth of a unique and sensitive artwork.

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