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Carolina Hidalgo Salas

The most honest way of talking about cultural expressions is through the art's language and the skill of the artist.

Carolina Hidalgo Salas (Santiago de Chile, 1981), from her childhood has been creating her own worlds, falling in love with the language of drawing and painting. She has lived in many places and cities, always aiming to learn and discover new things from diferent cultures. In 2005, she licensed in Fine Arts, specialized in painting, drawing and mixed media. She has given lectures on Analytical Drawing, Visual Composition and Representation Techniques at the Finis Terrae University in Santiago. Her works have been featured in painting contests in her country and they are part of private collections in Latin America and Europe. She currently resides in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Since 2011, Carolina has developed the technique of collage, tending to a paper treatment with a pictorial aspect; she replaces the brushstroke by cutting and tearing the paper over the canvas, giving movement and gesture to the forms. The theme of her artwork is related to the landscape both urban and natural that presents the places where the artist has resided. With a focus on cultural and patrimonial landmarks, Carolina collects from the environment, identity elements that represent the culture and arts of Latin American and European cities. The latest collection made on mix media, has incorporated the street art that accompanies the urban landscape as an expression of public art, local culture and a language that today use the city as its own canvas.

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