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She took lessons at Paris’ Plastic Arts School to study painting, drawing, modelling, graphic design, and Art history. Les ateliers de Malou de Bruxelles gave her the means to develop a personal research.  For a time, she was a general public press agent  in decoration. She studied the paintings of two main artists: Nicolas de Staël and Mark Rothko, which brought her a certain look on the abstraction of shapes, and on the vibration of colours. In an intermittent and repeated succession of constructions, deconstructions, she scratches, crushes, stretches the paste of colours with a knife. Her gesture can be recognized in horizontality – from left to right, one can guess her passage. Furtive. The colour appears in mixtures caused by superimpositions of back-and-forth moves of the tool on the canvas. The movement – independent – does not need a mechanic, or optical effects, so it proceeds by slides of colors one over the other. The technique is the testimony of a raw wound. And yet, the picture contradicts itself in the idea of the representation of a peaceful, vacant, uninhabited, landscape. She makes up new architectures of space. She tells she is in a “real need to paint”, in an “inner research” to go the deepest” of herself. Maybe one should lose oneself in this thickness of flattened colours ?

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