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Alena Carbonel

In love with colors since always, they guide me with my inspirations. Thanks to the light and the shadows, I have the liberty and possibility to explain my emotions and sensations.

Alena Carbonel is a graphic designer, painter and illustrator of Belarusian origins who lives close to Paris. Born in Belarus, Alena gets her diploma as a decorator/artist and another in visual arts. Since 2000, she’s an independent multimedia designer and plastic artist, sharing her time between her creative missions and painting.

Very inspired by traditional graphics, she plays on geometrics and colors. Completely free with her style, Alena masters perfectly various techniques to create the most interesting artworks possible. By participating in various art expositions, thanks to her painting, she’s able to share her internal world, full of emotionally vivid colors, intimate ideas and emotions. Her creativity gives a more positive vision of reality and gives amateurs in art another reason to be optimistic.

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