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Christophe Fity

"Research of light in the movement of creation."

Parisian artist, Christopher Fity paints since many years. After studying decorative arts and trompe l’œil painting, he starts to exhibit in Paris and around the city. He uses a mix of drawing techniques, acrylic and oil paint that enable him a varied pictorial search. His participation to many shows (Salon d’automne, Salon des indépendants, Salon Violet) enabled him to receive the price of the city of Paris. Many parisian galleries, among the Galerie Modus exhibited his work with success. The themes of his inspiration are based on the moments of life, which express his sensibility of the world. "My painting is about the apprehension of space, the opposition between emptiness and full, the reasearch of pure light. I do not paint what is here (trees, mountains, rivers…), but what is in between (emptiness). However, this emptiness is not always the same: the emptiness between cloud sis not the same one between the sky and water, neither the one between leaves of a tree or the one between two montains. These emptinesses have some extraordinary variations of colors, of lights. They are sources of different emotions, of perceptions, of sensations. It is not about the beauty of nature, the purity of its light. I want to exalt the intern energy of the world, the hidden eternity of things. One only drawing governs my painting: the painting must be free."

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