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Arnaud Prinstet

Arnaud Prinstet grew up next to art. His mother was a drawing teacher and his grandmother kept carefully all the artworks of her daughter. While visiting his grandmother, Arnaud feels like he is in a museum. He turns to art because he is disappointed by his work in a university, following his engineer studies. Therefore, he takes drawing lessons and decides to go to an American university in New-York. There, he touches paint, sculpture, drawing and engraving. But his choice is already made and it will be paint.

Since always, Arnaud is fascinated by the faces. Why? Because so many emotions are passed by the facial expressions. “The face, it is something that touches the person’s mystery”, he explains. And why especially the self-portrait? Because to his mind, the mirror exercise is a spiritual one. Arnaud interrogates himself about life, about this existential quest which affects everyone. “I am interested in this paradox between the image we have about ourselves, the one other see and the one we send to them. I focus about what is beyond this face”. Arnaud Prinstet has drawn his self-portrait for 10 years. Through this regular exercise, he is looking for universality while being careful in remaining authentic: “I work in one go, without any modification”. The faces changes according to his moods and emotions.

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