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"The figurative image of my artworks is a projection of the illusion of desires, of the memories where the flaws blur with time."

Flora was born in Charente Maritime.

She studied in the Ecole Départementale des Arts Appliqués and then in Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, art schools both of them. She got her degree, and settled in Paris in 1993 where she is in a dilemma: how to keep painting in a world with so many new technologies, and in a 12 square meters flat. Then starts a work, made of different pieces, paintings and constructions. Flora finds her inspiration between sky and earth. On the horizon line, bringing dreams and silence, she takes us in a calm atmosphere at the sea. Huts and shacks are part of the scene, and bring us back to our childhood memories, to our “Robinson soul”. These huts, simple or sophisticated, are about to be the same wherever they are, whatever the historical time. Only their stories are different. Her creativity is hidden in her numerous notebooks where she draws, and where she brings everywhere. She writes in her ideas, draws some sketches in colors, that she will then use for her work. Photos, drawings, notes... work as mementos that can be analyzed in so many different ways. These mementos give birth to her paintings, her sculptures or her installations. Flora is green friendly, she reuses some materials such as wood or sawdust for her installations.

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