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Stéphane Rime

"After spending some 20 years sailing between seas and oceans I continue this journey through artistic practice. I do not travel to go somewhere but for the pleasure of traveling."

From repetition comes abstraction. With the repetition of the word "NoName" on the canvas I draw random boundaries in which come to nest the colors as a region fills with a population. The colors cross borders, jostle, overflow, layers are light or overlap until you no longer see clearly the contours of the first borders.
Have a nice trip.
Techniques used: For small formats I work directly on canvas ready. For large formats I work on the canvas that I cut to the desired measurements and once painted I mount it on a frame. The choice of mediums is wide: aerosol, acrylic, inks, watercolor, gesso and gouache. The basic tools are the brushes and I like to appropriate the scrapers and spatulas that I make according to my needs. The layers are light or overlap until you no longer see the starting line. The gesso comes sometimes to redraw new borders on the old ones. I work outdoors in a garden, the phase of inking and pigments is done in a workshop at the garden level.

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