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nathalie gravey

"Generous colors and gourmands topics, creator in culinary art, Nathalie Gravey inscribes good mood on canvas."

Born in 1968 in Talence near to Bordeaux, she joined ENSAAMA in Paris in Design in ceramic option. Her studies allowed herself to practice job of culinary art designer and design several objects realized in materials like glass, metal or plastic. Creator for culinary art collections, at the same time, she continued plastic art researches, in particularly in painting where there is a link between her job and her passion for she was child: the drawing. First, attracted by material painting, she headed for painting more and more figurative close of hyperrealism until 1995. She regularly exhibited in restaurants, house objects stores, and made experience of posters edition with Pragma Visuel.

Nathalie Gravey has drawn and painted for she was 6 years old to share her feelings with people. “(…) I build a picture which, I hope, will penetrate the pupil of one or one who look (…) in other words to share a vision”. Her look, on objects which surround her, is personal, poetic. Her topics are, at first glance, items or daily things, but if we look them intently, we are surprised to find them another appearance of what we knew of them : so vegetables painted by Nathalie Gravey do they have a taste, a smell, a matter which make them alive, flowers do they have a color and a finesse which give us the illusion to breath the perfume : “(…) I observe many colors of flowers which are often saturated like nasturtiums or geraniums. Tints incredible by their intensity.” Sometimes, there is texts on her canvas, like to blur our perception of what is showed clearly: “(…) I mixed text and painting(…) a kind of humor or a wink. Colors reinforce, at least I hope, this notion of conviviality.” Is that what is written that we perceive or rather what is written help us to enter in strangeness of this “vegetables persons”, yet as simple as tomatoes or eggplants ?

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