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clementine bal

My work revolves around the world of the alive, the animal or plant forms in mutation. I refine, I mix, I transform to compose characters.

In my painting workshop is born a succession of imaginary small or big persons, as a way of giving life to a combination of inert and synthetic materials. I use resins and polyesters putties that I work for a long time, as a meditation, an incantation to life. Layers overlap, ears push grow, horns get bigger. Everything is curve, every millimeter of this body taking form is pampered. The sanding becomes caress. I take care of every small character in the process of being formed as I would make with a baby. The color is put down as a skin, uniform and immaculate, whose the monochrome aspect highlights the gentleness of the forms.

These characters mention the manga universe, the creatures of Miyazaki, the traditional Japanese statuary, as small, soft and sensitive divinities.

I also work on large-scale sound installations on the theme of the spaces colonization in connection with the alive. The forms aim then toward the abstraction, questioning the spectator about their identity, immersing him at the heart of a mysterious organic atmosphere.

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