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Cathy Marre

From Franco-Syrian roots, born in 1980 in St Etienne, where she studied Fine Arts, Cathy Marre became a Painter, rubbing shoulders with the multicultural and the taste of elsewhere. She lives in Drôme des Collines, where her inspiration mixes with the surrounding natural environment. Her characters are an excuse. A pretext for piercing the thin and delicate layer of clouds, in a work of meticulous development and reconstruction of the different phases of memory, the time that passes and the one to come. It's in a chemistry game, combining possibilities of colorful encounters and cross-breeding of motifs, that Cathy Marre leaves the trace of her mixed and sometimes contrasting influences from East and West. This is how it gives birth to a duality on which it constantly switches and which leads to relationships marked with poetry, sweetness and often dreamlike character.

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