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aude billerot

" I was born in Paris in 1962 and I live currently in Avignon with my 3 children. I kept of my graphologist's former job the taste of the outline and the upstroke, then I followed during 4 years the courses of a plastic arts school when I was in Brittany. It is with pleasure today that I shares with you my artistic universe.

There is something childish in the chromatic games which I practice. As a child in the middle of his scattered toys, I am engaged in a lively and joyful mish-mash of compositions fed by the spectacle of the nature sometimes aiming until the abstraction. The natural forms are indeed at the heart of my inspiration, the reigns meet and answer themselves:
- Small trembling and multicolored fishes which escape the catch and explode in changeable reflections, scales and drops of water seize alternately the brightness of light and splash the painting;
- Water lilies floating on the water in weightlessness with round leaves and pounding as hearts; which open in section so that relaying comfortably the carnal flower such a play of colored prisms where the forms of leaves overlap;
- Myriads of seaweeds which tend to become emancipated of the reality to touch the abstraction, and where I take pleasure to brew and to make vibrate the forms and the colors.

To pick the day, to seize the beauty of moment is the heart of my artistic quest. My paint is in search of a secret harmony through the changeable reflections and the perpetual metamorphoses of the alive. This wonderful profusion which the nature offers us and which amazes us will come to illuminate your interior ".

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