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s. dez

I transpose reality into a rich and inventive painting, the work is both real and imaginary.

S. Dez began his artistic career with contemporary works and gradually turned to singular art. After studying at the École Supérieure d'Art Moderne, S. Dez regularly performs numerous solo and group exhibitions. The paintings of S. Dez do not try to make us think or analyze, they want to make us feel. The painter S. DEZ seems to express emotions on his canvases according to a double personality, a double style of his own and which may, at first glance, seem contradictory. His SINGULAR style, particular style, very original, sometimes even amazing is distinguished by an unusual quirk, which could almost be described as unusual. The scenes, characters, animals and other elements expressed dissected, naked and, with a masterful provocative naivety, they are demonized: "I invent a bestiary populated by crazy cows, rhinoceros on wheels or fantastic dragons. I paint a humorous portrait of frogs with glasses or flowery cats. I also study human relationships by creating series of portraits, couples, couples in love, caught in the whirlwind of feelings: without upside down, head to tail. His style is a contemporary style of producing effects of one or more structures on the elements that constitute them, according to the place that, according to him, they occupy. "I play with shapes, colors, materials to create an emotion". The elements drawn from the natural, from the living as well as from the symbolic, he pulls out of their envelope, their gangue to extract the new, beauty hitherto hidden, rebuilt, revealed. The falsely naive dimension of the works must invite to scrutinize the details because it is an imaginative and spontaneous step. So S. Dez are you Dr. Jekyll or Mister Hyde? No, you are simply a man but also a great artist exorcising on his canvases the same search for himself. To pierce the abscess and to show the two facets of oneself, looking for beauty in everyone, in every thing, to be discovered by stripping.

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