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martine ferrand

"As soon as I can take my paintbrushes, I vibrate of a good energy and I share my feelings…"

Not easy to write about myself! Color, black, light and depth, transparence and reflections  to create an ambiance. A lot of self-mockery and humor that I know express when I’m feeling in confidence… I like the life surprises, good friendships and the shared laughs... I have been  painting for 20 years and 10 years on metal. I practiced painting at workshops at Beaux-Arts in Besancon and the “naked” and sculpture at practice workshops at Beaux-Arts in Lyon as soon as I arrived in this city. I lived in Avignon for 15 years, county where I started to exhibit. My painting dream is to express silences, highlight feelings, atmospheres, and draw inside photographs. I paint on metal and I play with reflections, effects, pigments colors, transparence of tones, still looking for to associate lightness and depth. The accumulation or the transparence of painting and materials layers united at marks of paintbrush, let to appear metal and reveal a deep energy. The study of works of Pierre Soulage or Zao Wou-Ki nourished my research and my need of alternating between color and black.

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