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m. bourianne

Myriam Bourianne was born in 1970 in the Lot et Garonne department and  have gone for  painting for more than  15 years. She began presenting her work in different competitions and regional exhibitions. She permanently exhibits at Le passeur d’Art gallery (Libourne), Art home deco (Bordeaux), 16 Art Gallery (Bayonne), Tokade (Toulouse). Her artistic universe is very colored. She essentially uses pigments she decorates with different materials like paper, fabric, metal, lace…

Myriam Bourianne’s very colored world, with her characters a little naïve and fragile, with a lost look, produces a great emotion, an explosion of life, sincerity and tenderness. Snatched by an innocent and childish-looking painting, the look and the heart get into a realism and a softness which are totally invasive.

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