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Lorène Danton

Painter and animator of artistic workshops for disabled adults and seniors for more than 20 years, her personal artistic work has been nourished by these encounters.

Lorène Danton attended the classes of the painter Alain Gonnet during 2 years. In 2015, she obtained a degree in visual arts at the Sorbonne in Paris. She currently lives in Lyon.

Today, her creations work towards her desire to account for the human. Men in all places, in all forms ... More than a face, a silhouette, she looks for expressions, feelings, history. Witness of her imaginary or real presence. It is these appearances and these disappearances that interest her, the passage and the traces.

Her current work is linked to her desire to develop an artistic work mixing illustration and pictorial touches, even if it is monochrome solid colors (acrylic paint). These drawings tend towards a dreamlike, sometimes comical, universe. She tries to invent a story in a canvas.

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