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liliane danino

L. Danino is a self-taught painter and sculptor, inspired by her readings, dance, and life emotions: “Art is a language built on vibrations”. Her passion brought her to teach artistic techniques, as well as the making of settings, make-up, and special effects for cinema. Liliane regularly exhibits since 1978 in many countries: France, Morocco, Israel, United-States and Canada.

VERSION 1/ She spreads her creative investigation field in various forms of expression, as well as during her travels around the world, to boost a future painting. People she meets, places she visits inspire her the vision of a sleeping and coloured East as it recalls the watercolours of the first explorers.  Drives link together in a compulsive gesture. “I like to get at the heart of the matter, not losing myself in details (…) that crowd the work and tire it.” Breathing this paste, touching this colour, shaking a body on guard, so as to only keep the moment of a race. Leading the painting inside oneself, looking to “free oneself from the experience of techniques, so as to let oneself go and feel emotion.” Gestures related to inner agitation keep her art to a sentimental space. Sometimes, she is directed to lyrical abstraction. Involved emotions will get rewritten in a thickness, the one of “material to give depth to it.” The manipulation of textures, the stretching of materials, knife work, spatula work gives this pasty consistency, a movement of ebb and flow: then, overlapping can make appear an effect on tones, due to these successions of still wet layers. “My gestures are violent, powerful, fast… to reach the end of energy.” Space, according to coloured variations, raises various locations: a foam-agitated shore, a clearing with autumn tree tops… These colours, used in a tumultuous way, directly on the canvass, calm down in a picture evoking lonely horizons. Hands fall back onto the ground. To the ground. Silence.


VERSION2/ Liliane Danino does not lock herself up in a genre. She paints and sculpts moving bodies with a classical line or abstract paintings which disclose her violent temperament by opposition of tones, frozen pictures, movement of frozen snapshots. What remains an encounter is filled with oppositions, revolt, violence and banality moves aside.

Would Liliane Danino’s sculptures have a soul, an impression, a feeling? Their lines and their curves reflect the soul of each character, their spirituality.

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