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Laure Dehouche

Do not limit yourself...

Always passionate about the means of expression, the formation of Laure is totally self-taught and wants to be continuous. Twenty years of exploration through the drawing, painting (oil, acrylic), mutinous sculptures modeled in clay (The Alluminées) staged by putting the finger on the absurd, illustrated photo-images, imagined drums (cuttings, collages, photos, montages).

The idea: Navigate from one universe to another, search by doing, by trying. Creation as a bubble. Start from the interior to the exterior, from the exterior to interior. Rather figurative style, the human being her main subject of observation, it is currently in painting that Laure is naturally heading towards a more abstract vision. Instead of thinking before, she now lets the gesture lead to the door of the unconscious. Let the subject come, let it appear, whatever it is.

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