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Laloum was born in Paris, where she lives and works.

His cradle is the pub! Thirty-five years of stakhanovist advertising creativity, fruitful and multidisciplinary. Years nourished with impregnation of images, currents, markets, products, brands and needs of each. To better restore them artistically. A sociological dive into the daily lives of the people and communities they constitute. Years doomed to move and meet each other, was it through a commercial bias. Via the commercial, she discovers sharing a brief intimacy with millions of people. Trained to produce new-if-nothing, she works in the international agencies that matter, creates her own, and then returns to the fold of major international accounts. Leaning on the window of artistic modernity, it can constantly drink new currents. From Cape Town, Buenos Aires, New York, Bangkok, Barcelona, ​​London or Milan, Laloum creates worlds and concepts with the best, for the biggest brands. Fashion designers, captains of industry in the world of Luxury and Beauty, and especially directors, photographers, illustrators, artists, actors, including William Klein, Gianfranco Ferré, Greg Kadell, Arthur Elgort, Jean Becker, Olivier Dahan, Met and Marcus, Flock ', Gerard Krawckyk, James Denton, Demi Moore, Youssef Nabi, Giovanni Gastel, Topolino, Fred Farrugia, Carla Bruni, Karina Taïra ... With these, and in contact with their artistic fullness, she decides to find the hard core of creation delivered from its market context, returning to its original vocation. It will be accomplished through the pure energy of painting, the very one that transports an artist into the omnipotence of his being.

To paint is the combined result of an original necessity and an impulse incessantly "in the appetite of the world. "To paint is to awaken the life that is in me, and the one who looks at what I have created. It is to provoke an encounter with the Beautiful and with the other, through the Beautiful. Paint, she says, with the mixed media of her time. Powders and resins as much as retouching. (Some works are reproduced on software then printed on canvas). "Randomly directed," as far as theorized reasoning guides it. The materials and formats are without borders ... "To try, to my measure, to provoke the bursting of the vital force, and the joy of estimating oneself alive. "

That's how I work in Collections Capsule. Short and different series, which constantly open the field of my research, including: - Series Cells. Fascinated by the cell nucleus and origin of everything, the matrix force of life, I gravitate around the circular force of birth, and the feminine intimacy. Round is my perspective of the world, divinity mother of elementary geometries. In this direction, the emotion is naked energy, not figurative. - Homo Mecanicus series. Socio-anthropo-funny approach of the people that we are. Aggregate of mechanized and hyper connected humanity. - Iconoclast series Icons. Icons of the Pop to desacralize. Among others Minnie triumphant mother, bathing in all the gold orthodox icons. And Mickey broke into a thousand pieces. - Happy Monsters series. Minimalist and figurative representation at the peak of the evocation of being.

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