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Jelena Vitorovic

Jelena Vitorović graduated painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2008 in the class of prof. Čedomir Vasić. She is a member of ULUS since 2010. She has been residentially in Dusseldorf, GLO'ART (Lanaken, Belgium) and Paris.

She has had nine solo exhibitions and over thirty group exhibitions. In 2009 she had exhibition named Fifty-two drawings and two jokers, in Belgrade, where she had shown her abstract drawings of landscapes for the first time. From that time her interest hasn't changed. She produced series of large format drawings and paintings called Contemplational landscapes. In her art one can see that she finds inspiration in Paul Klee's theory of art form. Each component is brought by reducing real landscape in a simplest visual sentence – the line. Figuration, that appears, is the result of the current inspiration. Although isolated, the figure is not monumental; it is the trigger for a narrative. A Little Blue Bird drawings are inspired by Charles Bukowski's poem. It represents the restlessness in all of us, a nature that cannot be tamed.

Her choice for technique is acrylic on canvas and ink on paper.

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